Challah Photo Contest: THE WINNERS ARE IN!

I don’t know if you know this about me, but challah is sort of my thing; I LOVE baking challah, and coming up with new ways to serve this favorite Jewish comfort food. I’ve been working to perfect my own challah recipe since I was 16 years old and I even have a few signature flavors: rosemary garlic challah and “everything bagel” challah being among my friends and family’s favorites.

So I was pretty excited to receive all of YOUR challah photos – I was completely overwhelmed and in awe of the all the beautiful, and diverse, challah out there. Not to mention the creativity! We received SO many photos, from literally all over the country, and it was very difficult to choose just one – so we picked three challahs to feature at this time.

This was so much fun for ME that I know we will do it again. So don’t stop sending us your challah photos – email us at to send us any new photos you might have!

The first challah winner is from the Pence Family who submitted a photo of their beautiful, braided round challah for the holidays. (above)

The next challah winner is Dorothy Weiss’ bea

utiful braided challot. Not only is the photo of these babies gorgeous, but I also loved that her husband, Rabbi Gerald Weiss, is the one who wrote in to submit them. He says, “…they taste even better than they look! She’s also taught the next two generations how to make them with great success.”Nothing better than passing on such a special (and unique) tradition!

When my sister, who is now 20, became a bat mitzvah I baked the challah for her special weekend. So I was touched when I read the submission from the third and final challah photo winner, Glen L., who submitted a photo of the challah he made for his son’s bar mitzvah (photo credit to Shari DeAngelo).  Glen wrote: “I know it is not the most “beautiful” challah in the world, but it is very special to me because I made it for my son’s Bar Mitzvah.” What could be more beautiful than baking homemade challah to share together at such a joyous occasion!?

Thank you to everyone who sent in their pictures – it was SO hard to choose! Keep ’em coming…and we’ll keep featuring your homemade creations.

Shabbat Shalom, and happy challah baking (or more importantly, challah eating)!

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