Ice Ice Bagel

Ben & Jerry’s Unveils Bagel Ice Cream Sandwiches & We Are Verklempt

Gimme a bite of that 'Ice-Ice Bagel'

If you’re a bagel lover with a sweet tooth, then boy, does Ben & Jerry’s have a treat for you!

The household name is partnering with Scotland-based Bross Bagels to unveil the first batch of ice-cream filled bagels. The limited edition ‘Ice-Ice Bagels’ will come in two flavors: “Birthday Bagel” and “Holey Cara-moley.”

Interestingly enough, Ben & Jerry’s Jewish founders Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield initially set out to make a bagel business. Now they’re finally realizing their youthful dream by combining their favorite delicacies.

The pink and chewy “Birthday Bagel” is filled with Ben & Jerry’s latest ice cream flavor, “Birthday Cake.” It’s made with vanilla cake batter ice cream, bites of cake, pink frosting, strawberry swirls and a whole lot of rainbow sprinkles.

For those who like a little savory to balance out the sweet, “Holey Cara-moley” might fare better. The “sweet but salty, lye-coated pretzel” bagel is filled with Ben & Jerry’s “Double Caramel Brownie” which includes caramel ice cream, chocolate brownie chunks, salted caramel swirls and a dollop of caramel sauce.

Unfortunately for the rest of you lot, the “Ice-Ice Bagels” are only available at Ben & Jerry’s Soho in London, between August 24 and September 9. If you have enough vacation days, it might be worth the trip to snag one of these bad boys.

Image via Ben & Jerry’s Instagram 

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