A Google Doodle for Falafel? Here are 3 Other Jewish Foods That Deserve the Spotlight.

Falafel's great, but what about bagels??

For seemingly no particular reason, today Google Doodles honored one of our favorite dishes — falafel.

In the animation, a lone falafel conjures a piece of pita bread, smears it with hummus, and jumps into a delicious bed of cucumbers and tomatoes with two more cutie falafels. It’s not a stretch to say that the animation is the most adorable doodle to ever grace Google.

Yes, falafel is an excellent food to celebrate, but if the search engine wants to dabble in more Middle Eastern cuisine, we have a few more options we’d like to see. To make it easier, one of our own illustrious illustrators, Lior Zaltzman, drew up Nosher’s top three Jewish foods we’d love to see as a doodle. Let us know if you’re hiring, Google.

1. Bagels

bagel doodle

If the world is just, Google will bless us with the bagel doodle we deserve. I mean, c’mon. Look at that adorable knife! And the smiling bagel? Amazing.

2. Matzah ball soup 

matzah ball soup

Please take a moment to take in all the details in this impeccable matzah ball soup doodle: the carrot, the ladle, and the mouthwatering matzah ball that’s too cute to eat. Google needs this! We need this!

3. Shakshuka 


If Google used this doodle, Trader Joe’s shakshuka sales would go through the roof. Just saying. We can almost taste the tomato sauce!

Make our food dreams come true, Google!

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