9 Meat-Free Dinner Ideas for the 9 Days

We are currently in the midst of what is known as The Three Weeks, and more specifically, we are in the last nine days of the three weeks, when it is traditional for Jews to abstain from eating meat, drinking wine, listening to music and buying new clothes among other activities.

This somber time leads up to a Jewish day of mourning and fasting called Tisha B’Av (which takes place this year on August 14th) in recognition of the destruction of the Temple and other tragedies that occurred to the Jewish people on this day. Not all Jews observe this holiday, but nevertheless it is a significant day in our collective history.

But as with all Jewish holidays, both joyful and somber, there is the issue of food. And so we put together a few dinner ideas for those who are observing the custom.

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Watermelon steak 2

Watermelon steaks with feta chickpea salad

Creamy tomato soup with tortellini from Two Peas and their Pod


Falafel and feta salad from Jewhungry

Sheet pan chimichuri cod with squash and potatoes

Orange maple glazed salmon

Caramelized onion and feta quiche

Veggie and cheese burekas

Cheesy green lasagna

Three cheese skillet lasagna from Martha Stewart

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