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6 Fancy Jewish Restaurants To Put On Your Bucket List

The most haute Jewish cuisine all over the world.

In most of the world, Jewish cuisine brings to mind celebrations at home, street food or corner delis. There are many people who don’t even recognize that Jewish food goes beyond bagels and lox or stuffed pita sandwiches. But Jewish cuisine has a rich history, and there are several chefs around the world who have dedicated their careers to high-end Jewish flavors. Here’s a list of some of the restaurants making the fanciest Jewish food you’ll ever eat.


Paris, France

This Israeli restaurant in the heart of Paris has a certain je ne sais quoi. The fine cuisine at Tavline features spices supplied by “Shuk Hacarmel,” the largest market in Tel Aviv, which makes sense, as Tavline means ‘spice’ in Hebrew. You’ll taste the creative energy of the spice market in every dish, and if that isn’t enough to transport your taste buds to Israel, every dish is inspired by family recipes passed down to the Israeli chef, Kobi Villot-Malka. If you’re ready to travel to the Marais (also known as the Jewish Quarter) to dine at Travline, you’ll want to try the talé, a leek stuffed with lamb breast, capers, garlic and spices, artichoke cream with khimel — spiced to perfection of course. 


Berlin, Germany

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This Israeli restaurant in Berlin was awarded a Michelin star in 2020, one of the highest honors in the restaurant world. Prism combines the flavors of the Levant with contemporary European dining techniques. Israeli chef-owner Gal Ben Moshe created the menu to accompany wines hand selected by one of the best sommeliers in Germany. The tasting menu is 6 courses starting at €165, with each dish plated to stunning perfection. Which is no surprise, as chef Moshe started his career with esteemed chefs like Jason Atherton, Marcus Wareing and Grant Achatz. If you’re headed to Berlin any time soon, let us know how the Lebanese lobster tastes!


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Located in Dubai’s five-star Armani Hotel, KAF is the first fully kosher restaurant in the UAE. This elegant restaurant prides itself on offering the very best of kosher cuisine while also celebrating flavors from around the world. The Jewish influence is apparent in dishes such as the fattoush salad, slow-cooked beef briskets and the delectable sounding shish taouk. KAF offers special dinners on Shabbat, and, as it is located inside the hotel, KAF allows guests at The Armani to enjoy what might be the only kosher in-room dining service outside of Israel. 


London, United Kingdom

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Nestled in London’s Belsize Park, Tish presents Jewish classics as contemporary cuisine. Tish offers a fully kosher menu, since restaurant owner David S. Levin has always had a passion for exceptional kosher cooking. Levin was taught how to cook by his Hungarian Jewish mother and grandmother, and the menu includes some of Levin’s traditional family recipes. Featuring dishes such as lamb cutlets with Moroccan couscous and goose foie gras with pickled shallots and toasted challah, Tish is certainly not like any Jewish cuisine I’ve had before. Be sure to make a booking for their exquisite Shabbat dinners. 


Philadelphia, United States

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When chef Michael Solomonov relocated to Israel from Pennsylvania, he could only find work in kitchens. Since then he has opened up an empire of Israeli and Jewish-inspired restaurants across America, and is credited as one of the first chefs in the United States to popularize Israeli-American contemporary dining. Zahav, perhaps the most well-known of Solomonov’s restaurants, is located in Philadelphia, and you can often find Chef Solomonov himself working at the kitchen’s bread station. The atmosphere of Zahav is deeply rooted in Israeli hospitality. Tasting menus begin at $72 per person with dishes featuring Israeli classics such as the pomegranate lamb shoulder and cauliflower chraime. With a menu like this it’s no wonder why Zahav was the winner of the James Beard Award for “Outstanding Restaurant” in 2019. 


Buenos Aires. Argentina

Located in Buenos Aires, Mishiguene is the embodiment of Argentine-Jewish haute cuisine. Dining at Mishiguene is meant to feel like a Jewish wedding, with food celebrating recipes of Jewish ancestors. Every Friday night a klezmer band plays live music to ring in Shabbat, and for an extra special experience, guests are invited to dine at the chef’s table in the kitchen. The tasting menu features elevated takes on Jewish staples, inspired by Russian, Polish and Middle Eastern flavors. Each dish is served with a bit of history, as chef Tomás Kalika is passionate about passing along Jewish traditions, making it known that his incredible dishes would not be possible without the recipes of immigrants. Regarded as one of the best restaurants in Latin America, the menu at Mishiguene includes a Russian-Polish borscht, the meorav yerushalmi, and the most elegantly plated lox I’ve ever seen.

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