23 Gluten-Free Recipes for Rosh Hashanah

Holidays can evoke such a sense of warmth and happiness just by their sounds, smells and tastes. For me, the smell of chicken soup and brisket reminds me of my grandmother’s house and there is nothing quite like it.

But for those who have dietary restrictions or have chosen particular eating styles and cannot indulge in traditional holiday foods, this time of year can be anxiety-ridden or even feel sad.

Jewish food can be lots of things including healthy, vegetarian and even gluten-free. And this round-up of traditional food and sweet treats is for our gluten-free friends. Hope this helps make your New Year a little sweeter.

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sweet potato apple kugel1

Side Dishes and Soups
1. Sweet Potato Apple Kugel from The New York Times
2. Sweet & Spicy Sweet Potato Soup
3. Gluten-Free Apple Kugel
4. Pomegranate Apple Salad with Parmesan Dressing
5. Quinoa, Purple Potato and Herb Salad from The Weiser Kitchen
6. Sweet Potatoes and Carrots with Apple Cider and Thyme
7. Gluten-Free Matzo Ball Soup from The Urban Baker

pomegranate brisket main

8. Pomegranate Brisket with Cranberry Succotash
9. Sweet and Sour Crockpot Brisket
10. Short Ribs with Honey and Orange
11. Honey Horseradish Chicken
12. Pomegranate and Honey Glazed Chicken
13. Moroccan Lamb Shanks with Pomegranate Sauce
14. Roasted Beet and Leek Risotto
15. Pomegranate Brisket Tacos from Kitchen-Tested


16. Gluten-Free Sweet Potato Muffins from Leelalicious
17. Gluten-Free Rugelach with Cranberry Port Jam, Chocolate and Walnuts from The Bojon Gourmet
18. Gluten-Free Honey Apple Cake
19. Apple and Almond Tea Cake from Citrus and Candy
20. Gluten-Free Honey Almond Cake from VitasCost
21. Paleo Honey Cake from Elana’s Pantry
22. Apple Cranberry Crisp with Gluten-Free Topping from The Weiser Kitchen
23. Honey Semi-Freddo from Milk and Honey

honey semi freddo1

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