2012: Food Resolutions!

Welcome 2012!

I am not one to make lofty secular New Year’s resolutions, but as we welcome 2012, perhaps it might be a good time consider some food-related goals for the year.

Have you heard about Meatless Mondays? Its an effort to help Americans cut out meat from their diets just one day a week, for health and environment reasons. So why not try a dairy meal once a week, like this recipe for Lasagna with Chard, Tomato Sauce and Ricotta.

You might consider substituting chicken or turkey instead for red meat, which I found was a good compromise between me and my meat-loving husband. If you’re looking to switch from chopped beef to turkey, try my own recipe for Quinoa and Turkey Stuffed Peppers (the best part about this recipe – you can also make it for Passover!)  Another easy switch is using ground turkey in your chili recipe, instead of ground beef.

Want to try something totally new in the kitchen? Maybe its time to bake your own challah, make your own pickles or take on your grandmother’s brisket recipe. Already mastered challah? Perhaps you might enjoy trying a new twist on challah, such as one of The Challah Blog‘s unique flavors.

Another simple but fantastic food resolution is starting your own counter-top, or windowsill, herb garden! There are tons of herb gardens you can buy ready-to-go, but I just came across these Ceramic Wall Planters from West Elm, and I am already plotting out where I can mount them in our apartment, and fill them with thyme, lavender, mint and other aromatic herbs!

For me? I hope this year I will find a fruit cobbler recipe that never disappoints, and would also love to try to make my own rugelach! Have a good recipe to send me? I’d love to try it out and post the results.

Happy New Year 2012, and happy eating (and cooking, baking, jarring or planting)!

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