18 Vegan Rosh Hashanah Recipes

Easy, festive dishes that everyone will enjoy.

For those who have been through the Jewish year as a vegan before, you know the struggle of arriving at a festive meal hoping your aunt omitted butter from your favorite sweet potato kugel and the salad dressing remains on the side so you can cobble together some kind of satisfying meal. 

This year, we take the menu into our own hands. And for those new to plant-based living, I promise that cooking a vegan meal is not all scary substitutions and obscure ingredients. 

High Holiday meals may already be different this year — you might be cooking for one, preparing the meal for your immediate family, or doing partaking in socially distant celebrations. Regardless, there are plenty of delectable vegan options to create a perfect Rosh Hashanah menu — like “honey” cake, mock chopped liver, or mac and “cheese.”

 Experiment, enjoy, try something new. Happy and healthy New Year to all, vegans and non-vegans alike! 


Soup and Salad


Main Dishes 


Photo credit: Laura Williams

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