13 Jewish Recipes with Spring Greens

Celebrate the start of the growing season with challah, kugel, falafel and more.

Finally, after months of potatoes, onions and winter squash, things are looking more green around here! If you haven’t been to the farmer’s market these days, you might be surprised at how much fresh local produce is finally in season — in New York for example, you’ll find asparagus, baskets full of fresh herbs, spring onions, ramps, spinach, rhubarb and even strawberries. Sometimes, in the face of such verdant bounty, it’s a good idea to have a recipe or two in mind. Here’s a list of 13 spring-inspired Jewish favorites that are full of greens and perfect for your next Shabbat or dinner party.

  1. Ramp Chimichurri Challah
  2. Challah with a Chinese Twist from Molly Yeh (filled with scallions!)
  3. Matzah Brei with Ramp Pesto
  4. Spring Zucchini Kugel
  5. Cheese and Herb Rugelach
  6. Bazargan: Syrian Tabbouleh for Summer
  7. Bitter Herbs Salad from The New York Times
  8. Persian Herb and Leek Frittata from Bon Appetit
  9. Ejjeh Quiche (Lebanese Herb Quiche) from I Will Not Eat Oysters
  10. Garden Pea Falafel with Yogurt Tahini Sauce from The Last Food Blog
  11. Spicy Green Hummus Recipe from Taste and See
  12. Spring Asparagus Salad with Israeli Couscous from Feasting at Home
  13. Strawberry and Rhubarb Blintzes

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