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Image design by Mollie Suss

10 Cool Hanukkah Food Gifts for 2023

This was written by a Gen Z, so you know we’re not lying.

Since Hanukkah’s duration is famously eight days and eight crazy nights, that means you probably have a metric ton of gifts to buy in the next couple of weeks. I think the main issue with gift shopping is the ongoing concern that what you buy… might be cringe. Yes, it’s the thought that counts, but there’s something deeply unsettling about giving someone their tenth pair of scratchy Hanukkah pajamas. Although I don’t tend to self-identify as “cool,” I think we can all do better than that. So, let me guide you through ten Hanukkah gift options for the fashionable Jewish foodie in your life. 

1. Susan Alexandra Dirty Martini Menorah

Image design by Mollie Suss

We’re starting off strong (and a little pricey) with this piece of Judaica from the social media jewelry savant, Susan Alexandra. You may know her for her iconic bead bags, but this fun and just-a-little-naughty menorah inspired by our favorite gin and vermouth cocktail is the perfect way to spice up your celebration (and not ruin the aesthetic of your loft). 

2. I Could Nosh: Classic Jew-ish Recipes Revamped for Every Day by Jake Cohen

Image design by Mollie Suss

The only thing cooler than being someone who reads — is being someone who gives coffee table books as a gift. In this new cookbook by the New York Times bestselling author, Cohen updates classic Jewish flavors through recipes like kugel fries, latke tartines and an entire chapter just dedicated to schmear. And did we mention how chic the cover is?

3. Schmutz Everyday Haroset Sampler Pack

Image design by Mollie Suss

As someone who genuinely looks forward to Passover just to partake in the “mortar” section, I’ve had this haroset-only startup on my gift list for a hot minute. Started by Michael Rubel who had similar frustrations that he couldn’t enjoy his mother’s haroset year-round, he started packaging the fruit-and-nut spread in sleek containers to send to hungry customers across the country. Coming in traditional apple and walnut flavors as well as fig and hazelnut, they’re just too good to not also bring to Hanukkah this year. 

4. “Pastrami on Rye” Corduroy Hat

Image design by Mollie Suss

Nothing says “I can recommend you a podcast” more than a dad cap. But this particular hat says more with less. By simply stating the iconic Jewish deli sandwich in a colorway that evokes the yellow mustard and the dark bread, this is an accessory that proves that elegance comes with restraint. Especially when it comes to brined meat. 

5. Katz’s Birthday Box

Image design by Mollie Suss

Speaking of pastrami! It’s just an inarguable power move to bring over (or deliver, they ship nationwide!) a Katz’s birthday box to a Hanukkah function. Chock-full of ingredients to put together their famous giant sandwiches at home, like half-sours, rye bread, corned beef and, of course, pastrami, it’s certainly a care package for the most special of occasions. And Hanukkah is basically like having a birthday every day? Right?

6. Latke Pillow

Image design by Mollie Suss

Picture this: You meet someone, you hit it off, and when you go back to their place, there’s an incredible latke pillow staring at you from the center of their sectional. Everyone knows that the key to feng shui is placement, and with a latke pillow gracefully placed in your sanctuary, yeah, you’re going to make quite a few new friends. Consider it your duty to get this for someone. 

7. Bagel Ring by Kickie Chudikova

Image design by Mollie Suss

It’s truly not a Nosher gift guide without a bagel item, however this one is *classy* and comes in the form of a delicate ring available through the Jewish Museum Gift Shop. Let Hanukkah be the time you let someone tie the knot with their one true love: carbs. 

8. Belgian Milk Chocolate Poker Chips

Image design by Mollie Suss

I’m not endorsing gambling, but I do love novelty items. Bring these to someone for Hanukkah this year and raise the dreidel stakes. With the right lighting on your Instagram story, your holiday could look really wild. 

9. Tahini Crewneck Sweatshirt by Soom

Image design by Mollie Suss

More hipster food merch! This time, it’s a tribute to everyone’s favorite sesame condiment. Soom is a tahini company owned and operated by Jewish women, and the proceeds from this sweatshirt are all being donated to the Counseling Center for Women (CCW), an organization that provides subsidized psychotherapy to underprivileged women in Israel. Comfy and for a good cause? Maybe the perfect gift. 

10. Wool Sufganiyot Mouse

Image design by Mollie Suss

Ok, this may be due to my personal bias towards keeping an inordinate amount of tchokes in my room, but I audibly gasped when I saw this little guy because he’s just so cool. This jelly donut friend is handspun by the Etsy seller and is sure to brighten someone’s day for all eight nights. 

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