Everything Sucks! Now What?

Every so often it seems like nothing is going right. Maybe you overslept, missed an important test, and then went to lunch to discover that you left your lunch at home. Or maybe you got a bad grade on a test and went home from school to discover that your mom was in a bad mood. We have all been there in one way or another and we know that it’s really hard to cope when everything sucks. We have a few suggestions to make the next time you have a day like this just a little more manageable.

Be Kind To Your Body

First, think about what your body needs. Food? Water? A walk? Breathing? Paying attention to that is always important, especially when it feels like nothing is going right. Getting a snack or practicing some simple breathing exercises could help take your focus off your stressors for a bit. Take a break for your favorite physical activity, whether that means going for a walk, dancing, doing yoga, running, or anything else. It can help clear your mind and put you in a better headspace to deal with whatever is going on.

Be Kind To Your Mind

It is important to recognize what your heart and mind need as well. Tune into yourself and ask yourself what you think would make you feel better in that moment. Do you need alone time or to be surrounded by your friends? Do you want to be active and power through or do you just need a break and to take a nap? Another time, when things aren’t going so terribly, you could make a list of fool-proof methods to make you feel better, like buying a special snack meant to comfort you during tough times, a journal you write in to vent, or a playlist of your favorite songs that are guaranteed to cheer you up. Have a friend you know you can trust and that you can go to during any difficult moment. It’s helpful to think about stuff like this when things are going okay so that when you really need it, you have resources and coping methods already available.

Embrace That Things Suck Sometimes

Finally, we all have to accept the fact that things are going to suck sometimes. It’s definitely a yucky feeling but everyone experiences it and it’s totally normal. Be kind to yourself when you’re having a bad day. Embrace the fact that tomorrow will probably be better. As Judaism reminds us in every situation, “This too shall pass.”

This is just a little bit of advice from us for dealing with these tough times. We know it’s impossible to make every day a good day. Sometimes, you’ll just wake up on the wrong side of the bed and be in a bad mood. Nevertheless, it’s especially important to recognize that nobody really has it figured out, including us. Everyone makes it up as they go and has to figure out the things that work for them as they move through life.

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