The Israeli Delivering High-End Hummus to NYC’s Elite

Have you ever craved homemade hummus so badly that you’d pay to have it delivered to your front door? Well, if you’re in New York City, there’s someone who can help you out. His name is Ohad Fisherman, and his company is Hummus Joonam.

According to the New York Post, Fisherman works in real estate by day. By night, he’s in the business of high-end hummus. So far, his clients include reality TV stars, an ex-Kardashian lover, and a real estate mogul who requests its delivery via private jet. If you’re not exactly a member of the one percent’s hummus club, you can find it in East Village’s Holyland Market.

Fisherman started Hummus Joonam three years ago after moving to NYC from Israel. Like others in the small-batch food biz, he was unsatisfied with the mass-produced food options and believed he could do it better. For Fisherman, Sabra and Tribe just weren’t cutting it.

He started his business with the help of his father, who owns Mifgash Hasteak, a restaurant in Tel Aviv, which has been known for its hummus since 1965. Although Fisherman won’t divulge the recipe, he gives us a hint: He imports fresh sesame seeds from Israel to make his tahini, and doesn’t use olive oil, adding, “when you use natural [tahini], you don’t need to also add olive oil.”

If it’s not already sold out, you can purchase a hummus ($10), homemade pita ($1.50), and salsa ($8) on his website or at

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Photos from Hummus Joonam’s Instagram.




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