The Best Bagels in America, According to Nosher Readers

Because we know you love your bagels.

We recently featured a post all about where to get the best bagels in all 50 states researched by one of our super-talented writers. And as it turns out, you guys have a lot of feelings about bagels. A lot. Especially you people in the Midwest. And so here are some of your top choices for where to get the best bagels that didn’t make the first cut. Note: Many of these don’t have a website or Instagram presence, so if any of the bagel stores are reading this: Create a website! It’s good business, we promise.

Still don’t see your favorite bagel joint? Don’t forget to comment below and let us know.


Sage Bagels, Hallendale

Sure, Sage Bagels has got some good bagels. But they also have babka, deli sandwiches, smoked fish and hot prepared foods like stuffed cabbage, knishes, rotisserie chicken and kugel.



New York Bagel & Bialy Corporation, Lincolnwood

One of our readers wrote that he drives over 40 miles just to stock up on New York Bagel & Bialy’s New York-style boiled and baked bagels. “They beat any bagel from New York.”



Shapiro’s, Indianapolis

With four locations in the Indianapolis area as well as a diverse menu that features bagels, rye bread, deli sandwiches, desserts and even homemade hot dog buns, it’s no wonder Shapiro’s has been a fan favorite for over 100 years.

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Bagel Bin, Omaha

A bagel place making its own pizza bagels has got to be pretty delish, right? Bagel Bin is also churning out a variety of classic bagel flavors and also some lunchtime favorites like tuna melts, a hummus club sandwich, and oh yeah, they are kosher too.


New Hampshire

Bagel Alley, Nashua, NH,

The classic New York-style bagels at Bagel Alley look LEGIT and they have all kinds of wacky cream cheese flavors to pair with, including walnut raisin, olive pimiento, strawberry, chive and jalapeno.



Marx Bagels, Cincinatti

With 30 different flavors, it’s not wonder why one of our readers drives 100 miles to get some of the hot and fresh kosher bagels from Marx Hot Bagels.


Bodo’s Bagels, Charlottesville

Bodos Bagels is keeping it simple, with classic flavors like sesame, poppy and onion. It is bringing authentic, boiled New York-style bagels to happy customers in three different locations in the Charlottesville, Virginia area.


Washington, DC

Bullfrog Bagels
DC locals love the boiled and baked beauties from Bullfrog Bagels as well as their drool-worthy breakfast sandwich offerings.

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