How Would You Make a Bernie Sandwich?

In case you missed it, MSNBC announced last night that Bernie Sandwiches won the New Hampshire primaries. This delightful stumble is providing Jewish foodies and deli-aficionados everywhere with a different kind of debate: what would a Bernie Sandwich look like?

Considering his Brooklyn upbringing and Vermont political background, the Bernie Sandwich could go in so many delicious directions. But don’t worry–since Bernie wants debt-free sandwiches for everyone, we’ll include affordable, sustainable options for both meat eaters and vegetarians alike.

If you’re going the NYC deli route, start with a base of Levi’s Real Jewish Rye bread, a classic and affordable loaf that everyone can enjoy. Add a slice of melted Vermont cheddar, and a generous (but still reasonable!) portion of corned beef or pastrami. Last but not least, top with quick pickled radishes (made from scratch the night before) or apple-cabbage sauerkraut.

If we’re building a vegetarian Bernie Sandwich, we’ll use a whole wheat everything bagel, whose toppings celebrate the diversity of flavors who immigrated to this bagel, and whose rights he’ll support. Add a schmear of hummus to represent his time spent in an Israeli kibbutz. Top with slices of roasted beets or eggplant, and don’t forget massaged kale! Last, but not least, add the horseradish mustard to help you consider the suffering of those without sandwiches.

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