Hand-Rolled Couscous is Coming to NYC

This restaurant is introducing New Yorkers to another layer of Israeli cuisine.

It feels like years in the making, but it’s finally happening: Chef Einat Admony, who owns the restaurants Taim and Bar Bolonat in New York City, is opening a couscous-centric restaurant this month also located in NYC. Chef Admony can already be credited with introducing New Yorkers to high quality, Israeli-style falafel, Jerusalem bagels, malabi, and a slew of other Israeli specialties. And now New Yorkers will be blessed by the addition of hand-rolled couscous onto the culinary scene with her latest restaurant, Kish Kash.

The restaurant is actually named for the special kitchen tool, a sieve, used to make the hand-rolled couscous. Apparently this is called a kish kash. See, you learned something new already!

The menu is focused but not extensive: hummus, salad, and seasonal vegetables are available as appetizers. The couscous will be offered topped with the choice of items like braised short rib, chicken tagine, braised lamb, chrime (fish), vegetables, or mafrum, a Moroccan-style meat stuffed potato. And according to The New York Times, the menu is kosher.

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We also recently visited Palikao┬áin Los Angeles, which serves California-North African-Israeli style couscous bowls, which were incredibly satisfying and healthful to boot. But Palikao isn’t making hand-rolled couscous, which is what makes Kish Kash truly unique in America today. We can’t wait to try.

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