Food Tips of All Kinds

I won’t beat around the bush: cooking involves lots of work. From store to prep to skillet to plate–it’s no easy task! Here’s a round of tips that will help you (at least a little bit) with each of these steps.

Store: For the past week or so, several Tablet staff members have dared to join the enviable ranks of Birthrighters by staffing and blogging about a Birthright trip while they’re on it. So far, they’ve offered two major pieces of advice in regard to food. The first: don’t order pizza from Domino’s in Jerusalem. The second: “How (not) to Bargain in the Israeli Marketplace.”

Prep: Do you hate it when people serve vegetable platters during cocktail parties or as an appetizer? Do you also secretly wish you could serve one and get away with it? Serious Eats, the ultimate guide to junk food, sandwiches, and helpful cooking tips, is here to help with a “How to Put Together an Awesome Vegetable Platter” guide.

Skillet: I have a confession: making the perfect panna cotta has never been a concern that’s kept me up at night. But, if you are one of the (many?) people with this problem, the LA Times has a solution for you! Read on for the three key elements for “Cracking the Code of Panna Cotta.” Just don’t forget to stock up on Kosher gelatin as you experiment.

Plate: This link actually combines a few different tips, but ultimately it’s about presenting a beautiful layer cake to impress your friends and family. As usual, Food52’s Kitchen Confidence post “Mastering Layer Cakes” does not disappoint, with descriptive prose coupled with step by step pictures of the whole process.

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