Food in the News

No matter your news source, food is in every type of media outlet these days. We want to know where our food comes from, what it’s made of, who made it, how to do it ourselves, what to call it… the list of ways to talk and think about food is endless. Here are a few recent stories that span the spectrum of food articles:

NPR put out a story over radio waves about the timeless summer camp/college dorm room debate: Pop, soda, or coke?

Are natural sweeteners like stevia good or bad? Marion Nestle, professor in the Department of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health and professor of Sociology at NYU, takes a look at some of the research in her blog, Food Politics.

Hazon, the organization that is taking on Jewish food systems and the environment, started a new program in the Bay Area last year called Home for Dinner with the goal of encouraging families to cook and eat dinner together and think about their food. Judith Belasco, Director of Programs at Hazon, lays out some of the reasons she thinks this is such an important issue.

Sometimes even tried and true foods need to get a remake, but I can’t decide whether adding peanut butter to hummus instead of tahini is crazy or genius.

New York’s Mayor Bloomberg has never hidden his agenda against soda/pop/coke in New York as part of his anti-obesity efforts. It started with ads picturing cups full of fat in the “Pouring on the Pounds” campaign, now he’s going after super-sized drinks and people aren’t too pleased.

Speaking of New York, pets there are apparently as snobby about food as their parents.

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