Cloth Napkins Will Save You

When I was a kid and it was my turn to set the table I usually forgot to put out napkins. Then when we sat down to eat my mom would look at her plate and say, “Well I don’t know about you, but I’m a messy eater.” And that was the cue to go get napkins. (Ironically, my mom was not at all a messy eater, but she was good at making her point.)

As an adult, I have to admit that I am an appallingly messy eater. If you give me paper napkins, I end up needing at least three per meal. It’s a problem. But there’s a solution!

Cloth napkins, people. You need them. I swear on all things greasy and delicious, using cloth napkins will make your life so much better. They work better as napkins. They’re usually bigger. You won’t feel bad about killing trees every time you wipe chocolate off your face. They can be pretty. You can put them in fun napkin rings.

Yes yes, I know that you will have to wash them. It’s true. But even after a big meal, we’re talking 8-10 napkins. That’s like two shirts. Really, not a big deal (and I say this as someone with a very small washer/dryer). Plus, you can use one cloth napkin all week. Unless you are eating something super messy that can hardly be contained with a cloth napkin (I can’t even think what this would be) a dirty cloth napkin will still be good enough to use for a whole week of meals.

You can get napkins for cheap at TJ Maxx, Target, Marshalls, and Bed Bath and Beyond. Or get nicer ones on etsy. Use them forever, and everyone will think you are so posh. (You are!)