Chabad Rabbi Competes With a Priest, a Monk, and Nun on ‘Chopped’

Rabbi Hanon Hecht. Photo from Chabad.

A Chabad Rabbi recently brought his kosher cooking skills to “Chopped,” the Food Network’s race-against-the-clock cooking show. In an episode that airs on June 21, Rabbi Hanon Hecht will compete against a priest, a nun, and a monk in a clergy-themed competition.

Hecht, a Chabad emissary in Rhinebeck, NY, is well-prepared for the task–he’s known as the “Six Minute Rabbi” for his speedy one-on-one teachings, and he also instructs chefs how to cook kosher at the Culinary Institute of America.

Hecht told The Forward, “I went through all the details of what I prefer to cook and what I prefer not to cook and they were very, very sensitive to that.”

The winner is kept secret until the show airs. Until then, we’ll all be on the edges of our seats!

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