15 Father’s Day Gifts For the Jewish Foodie in Your Life

You got through Mother’s Day, Memorial Day weekend and even Shavuot. But it’s not quite time to relax yet folks, because Father’s Day is almost here. Another weekend to reserve for family celebrations and another round of gifts to procure. If the special dad or guy in your life loves to be in the kitchen, at the grill or engrossed in a good cookbook, then we’ve got a couple of great gift ideas to show him how much he is adored.

For the meat lover

Facon Beef Bacon1

Facon Beef Bacon from Jack’s Gourmet Sausage. The dad in your life will love adding beef bacon to his burgers, to Sunday breakfast, to sandwiches or just because. You will also reap the benefits of this delicious gift.

Meat Claws. These meat claws are the perfect accessory for the cook who likes to shred brisket for sandwiches or for pulling large hunks of meat off the grill more easily.

Infrared Laser Thermometer. It might not be a shark with a laser beam attached, but this infrared laser thermometer will accurately measure the inside of your meat without wires, spikes or opening the oven. This is the ultimate gadget for someone who loves their meat perfectly cooked every time.


For the cookbook fiend

Cookbook collage Father's Day foodie gifts1

The Brisket Book. This book has 30 brisket recipes perfect for your very own brisket lover and includes stories, history and tips for perfecting the beloved Jewish dish.

The Book of Schmaltz. Ruhlman’s acclaimed book will teach you to render your own schmaltz and use it in countless old-school Jewish recipes and a few newer ones as well. A must addition for any Jewish cookbook lover’s collection.

Genius Recipes. This collection of recipes from food website Food52 shares an arsenal of tried-and-true recipes from great chefs and provides extensive technique and how-to sure to improve any home-cook’s repertoire.


For the griller

upright chicken roaster for grill1

Two-in-one Vertical Chicken Roaster. Crispy skin on the outside, moist chicken in the middle, delicious veggies and potatoes on the bottom – this vertical chicken roaster does it all.

No Burn BBQ Sauce Pot. No need to run inside while you are grilling – cook your beans or BBQ sauce right next to the grill. Your grill master will love adding this tool to his grilling arsenal.

Yeti Oven Mitt. Safety first! A Yeti oven mitt will keep your guy safe and might make him laugh too.


For the trendy guy

ipad stand w stylus

Ipad Stand and Stylus for the Kitchen. If your guy loves keeping his iPad nearby while cooking, this stand and stylus will help him read recipes and keep the screen clean from his grubby, grease covered fingers.

Molecular Gastronomy Set. This gift is for the most adventurous of home cooks! Your guy can experiment making mint caviar, chocolate spaghetti or horseradish foam.

DIY Pickling Set. Pickling your own veggies and fruit is all the rage and the trendy dad in your life will love keeping up with the hipsters. Get ready to hit up the farmer’s market for potential pickling projects.

For the alcohol lover

sunscreen flask

Coast Coasters. These coast coasters are simple but funny – perfect for the stylish dad who likes to keep a cocktail close by without fear of watermarks on the furniture.

Beerisms Pint Glasses. These beer glasses will delight the dad who just wants to happily enjoy his beer. Save water, drink beer!

Sunscreen Flasks. Dad can smuggle booze almost anywhere with these silly sunscreen flasks – dance recitals, vacation with the in-laws or just hanging by the pool.


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