10 Jewish Recipes from Around the World

One thing that makes Jewish food so delicious (and endlessly fascinating for us food nerds!) is that it’s truly a global cuisine. Considering the many places where Jewish families have lived and currently live–and the myriad of stand-out ingredients that they cook with–Jewish food is easily one of the most multi-faceted cuisines out there.

From bagels to babka, pomegranates to tahini, there’s really so much to work with.

Every meal represents an opportunity to cook something new. This free e-book, from our friends at JTA, walks you through the Jewish flavors of Sephardic Jeweled Rice, Hanukkah Tostones, Rosewater and Pistachio Hamantaschen, and more.

Download JTA’s free e-book: 10 Jewish Recipes from Around the World, and enjoy it as a PDF that you can save and share with others.


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