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A Collection of Reflection: Original Poems

My name is Sophia Tulchinsky, a 2022 summer intern at HereNow. I decided to create three poems that described prominent emotions and events that I go through in life. Here is a collection of my reflection:

Self- Perception

The mirror staring back,
An object which reflects yourself.
Your actions. 
Your perception.
Your appearance.

An object when looking in front,
You can critique every little thing of yourself
Tear yourself into little pieces
Feel pain.
Feel dread.
Feel jealousy.

Why do I look like this?
How can I fix myself?
If only I looked like this then my life would’ve been so much easier.

Exerting themselves out of your




Alter days which I can not change.
Basing life off of a little moment.
Consequently modifying others’ emotions.
For the better or the worse.

Being too emotional.
Too sensitive.
Too expressive.

When is it ok to reveal your emotions?
To reveal you’re too sensitive?
Too expressive?

Accepting Failure

Raised by expectation.
By a standard.
By a caliber to succeed.

Growing up with extra help.
After-school programs.
Regimes that implemented a fear of failure.

Getting less than a certain score terrified me.
Not being the best of the best gave me anxiety.
The pressure of failure took over my life.

It is when I started to blossom into a teen, 
Fear of failure started to taunt me less.

Understanding that mistakes are how we learn.
How we absorb information.
How we relate to other people.

No one is “perfect”.
Everyone has made mistakes in life.

Even the smartest of the smart.
How you accept your mistakes.
How you implement your mistakes.
How you utilize your missteps.
Is what makes you the best version of yourself.

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