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Who Really Won at Hanukkah?

Hosted By: Orange County Community Scholar Program (CSP)

Here’s the Hanukkah story we all know…

‘The Jews were being occupied and oppressed by the Greeks who wanted them to take up Greek practices and give up Judaism. In heroic battles, the Jews, against insuperable odds, defeated their Greek enemies, threw them out of Israel and declared independence. They miraculously relit the Temple lamp with oil that lasted eight days – thus our eight day festival of Hanukkah – and ever since, to celebrate this, we’ve lit our eight-branched Hanukkiot in the window of our homes, one extra candle a night till all are lit.’

But not so fast…

Clive Lawton will explore how nearly every phrase in this account is at least questionable and in many cases simply downright wrong. Right at the core of the session, Clive will ask, was there a victory at all, and if so, who won what?

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