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What Language Is This? Linguistic Diversity and Classification in Turkic Textual Collections

Hosted By: The National Library of Israel (NLI)

This event will be held on February 4th at 7 p.m. Israel Time/ 12 p.m. ET.

The construction and reproduction of modern standardized languages greatly colors our ideas about human expression. While we might expect to find a high degree of uniformity in the English, Hebrew, Turkish, Chinese, Arabic, Persian or Japanese of books and magazine published today, such expectations are frequently subverted when we are confronted with pre-modern texts.

This dichotomy is exceptionally pronounced in Turkic communities, where standardization was imposed in the 20th century, often without concern for its relationship to organic dialect groupings or speech communities.

By exploring such linguistic diversity in the Turkic holdings of the British Library, we can discover fascinating phenomena about language, culture and society in pre-20th century Turkic communities, and understand more about our own use and abuse of dialect and language.

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