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Tastes and Sounds of Yeroham Part 3

Hosted By: Orange County Jewish Community Scholar Program ("CSP")

Moroccan Jews in Yeroham

The first immigrants from North Africa arrived in Yeroham in 1954, and then in waves of immigration – the largest of which was in the early 1960s, which tripled Yeroham’s population. Their integration into Israeli society was accompanied by pressures to “”assimilate”” into the secular, Ashkenazi ethos; but they resisted and created synagogues and institutions, and an ambience that promoted and preserved tradition, as well as traditional foods and music, as expressions of their unique Jewish identity.

This session will expose some of the stories of second-generation Moroccan Israelis, retaining or returning to their roots – and how the promotion of a holistic, traditional (as opposed to ‘religious’) Jewish identity has a message for contemporary Israeli society. We will also learn how mufleta or sfinj is prepared, and how to sing piyyut (“”the soundtrack of Jewish life””, according to Yair Harel, founder of the Piyyut website – nli.org.il.

A three-part series. Each stands alone, register any time.

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