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Tastes and Sounds of Yeroham Part 2

Hosted By: Orange County Jewish Community Scholar Program ("CSP")

The Bedouin of Rahma, Neighbors of Yeroham

The approximately 1,500 Bedouin (262 households) who live in the unrecognized village of Rahma adjacent to Yeroham, belong to the large El-Azazmeh tribe in the Negev. Former nomads, the Bedouin wandered with their flocks in the region for ages, finding water at Hagar’s Well and vegetation for grazing in the valleys. A few families lived near Hagar’s Well even before 1948, but most of the current families were moved to the area of Yeroham by the IDF in the 1950’s. Close and warm ties link Rahma Bedouin and Yeroham Jews for decades, augmented over the past 15 years by many joint projects and grassroots initiatives. One of these joint efforts is the establishment of an elementary school in Rahma for 270 children in grades 1-8.

You will get to know what an unrecognized village is and what life is like in it, visit the Rahma Elementary School (which is a shared dream come true), meet inspiring men and women who are working to advance what is Israel’s poorest population group, and see some “”cooking from nature”” at the White Hill Farm agricultural center, which serves both communities. Yeroham and Rahma demonstrate a unique, bottom-up and top-down model of shared society that has led to replication in other areas of the Negev.

A three-part series. Each stands alone, register any time.

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