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Tastes and Sounds of Yeroham Part 1

Hosted By: Orange County Jewish Community Scholar Program ("CSP")

The “Bnei Israel” Indian Jewish community in Yeroham

The “Bnei Israel” are a very ancient Jewish community in India, which traces its roots to the First Temple Period and the exile of the tribes from the Kingdom of Israel (8th century BCE). Immigrants from India began arriving in Yeroham in 1954, with larger waves of immigration coming in the late 1950s and 1970s. Not by chance was the first synagogue building in the State of Israel for this community built in Yeroham in 1962: “”Sha’arei Rahamim””. The special relationship Bnei Israel Jews have with Elijah the Prophet is epitomized in the Malida ceremony – whose center is the compilation of a tray of symbolic fruits, nuts, grains and spice.

We will visit the Bnei Israel synagogue, watch how the Malida tray is prepared, listen to some traditional and new Indian Jewish songs with the “”Raga Tunes”” band, and hear how two women – Latvian-born and Indian-born – cook up wonderful dishes together in Yeroham’s commercial center.

A three-part series. Each stands alone, register any time.

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