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Special Yom HaShoa Live Zoom Tour: Visit The Ghetto Fighters Museum: Resistance in the Holocaust with Akiva Gersh

Hosted By: Volunteers for Israel (VFI)

Ghetto Fighters Museum aerial pic

This tour will focus on the physical resistance of the partisans against the Nazis in the Holocaust as well as the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.  Special emphasis will be placed on the role of women in this resistance and the continuation of this spirit in modern-day Israel.

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Akiva Gersh

Akiva Gersh has worked in the field of Jewish and Israel education for 20 years, including guiding groups of students around Israel as well as leading excursions to Poland to learn more about the Holocaust
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Volunteers for Israel (VFI)

Volunteers for Israel (VFI) is the only American organization that creates opportunities for civilian volunteers to serve on Israeli Defence Force bases. VFI partners with Israeli military and civilian organizations that enable volunteers to work side-by-side with Israel's soldiers, providing non-combat support to help maintain the readiness of the IDF to defend Israel. VFI enables the IDF to allocate more of its manpower and finances to military tasks, boosts morale within the IDF, and strengthens personal connections to Israel.
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