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Salud y Shalom: American Jews in the Spanish Civil War

Hosted By: Sousa Mendes Foundation

In the 1930s, nearly 3,000 Americans embarked for Europe to join the democratically elected Spanish Republic in its effort to repel a military coup led by Francisco Franco. Franco had the support of Nazi Germany and fascist Italy. Nearly one-third of the Americans who went to Spain to fight fascism were Jews. This program presents their story.

From July 23-26, watch the film The Good Fight on your home device. A link will be provided to all who register.

Sunday, July 25 at 4:00 p.m. US Eastern Time, tune into the discussion with our distinguished panelists. A link will be provided to all who register.

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Dr. Gina Herrmann

Dr. Gina Herrmann, who will moderate, is Professor of Romance Languages and Judaic Studies at the University of Oregon. She is the author of Written in Red: The Communist Memoir in Spain and editor and co-author of Spain, The Second World War and the Holocaust. Her new research focuses on cultural memory and literary engagement with French concentration camps of WWII and the mosaic of victims and administrators whose experiences in these camps constitute a laboratory of 20th century migrant and refugee internment. She is a member of the ALBA Executive Committee.
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Dr. Joseph Butwin

Dr. Joseph Butwin is recently retired from the English Department at the University of Washington where he also taught courses on Jewish-American Literature and Culture at the University’s Stroum Center for Jewish Studies. In the early 1990s he interviewed 40 Jewish veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade. He is currently preparing transcripts of these conversations for publication in Spain and the United States under the title Salud y Shalom: American Jews in the Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939. Selections from these interviews along with audio cuts can be seen and heard at this link.
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Nancy Wallach

Nancy Wallach is an award-winning art educator who will speak about her father, Hy Wallach, a volunteer fighter in Spain who served for many years as the treasurer, as well as corresponding secretary, of the Veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade. She is a member of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives (ALBA) Board of Governors. At a program organized by the Burgos Anti-Fascist Committee around the exhumations of the mass graves and prisons in Burgos, Spain, she provided testimony as to her own father’s incarceration at the fascist concentration camp for International Brigade prisoners at San Pedro de Cardena.
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Sousa Mendes Foundation

Founded in 2010, the Sousa Mendes Foundation is dedicated to honoring the memory of the Holocaust rescuer Aristides de Sousa Mendes and to educating the world about his good work.
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