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New York in the Progressive Era

Hosted By: The Lower East Side Jewish Conservancy (LESJC)

The years 1890-1920 produced sweeping reforms and profound changes in American life and especially in New York State. Reacting to the great inequalities from the Gilded Age, reformers pressed for laws for better housing, women’s suffrage, personal income tax, labor protections, and what were early environmental and wilderness conservation initiatives, plus much more. This era saw innovative ways of combatting social issues with the development of movements, such as the one that created Settlement Houses, which started in America on the Lower East Side – a neighborhood teaming with poor Jewish immigrants at that time.

Join us for a talk on Zoom by author Paul Kaplan whose book, New York in the Progressive Era: Social Reform and Cultural Upheaval from 1890-1920, will take you on a journey discussing these social movements, and how they affected life as we know it now.

Covered in this presentation will be:

• How the Progressive Era came about in reaction to the Gilded Age

• Calls for Reforms (many by noted Jewish leaders)

• Women’s Suffrage

• Early Environmental Conservation

• Worker Rights

• Transportation Expansion

• Jewish leaders and voices of this period Paul will share archival photos, videos, poetry, and quotes from some of the people he will talk about.

Mr. Kaplan has published 6 books from History Press, Pelican, and Quill Driver Books, writing them under 3 series: #1 -Cultural Guides, #2 – Social History & Biographies, and #3 – Business Technology Marketing.

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Paul Kaplan

Paul has given over 45 book tours across the US at a variety of venues including at the clubs for Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Union League, Elm City Club of New Haven, Museum at Eldridge Street, General Society Library and at scores of libraries, community centers, museums, and private functions. In addition, he has been featured on the front page of New York Press, the long-running radio show America's Dining & Travel, Writer's Voice, several other talk radio shows, the iconic African-American newspaper Amsterdam New York and Princeton Magazine. His books are on PBS, local NPR stations, and CBS Miami. Also, he has helped produce and been interviewed on Let's Travel, a talk show on public radio.
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The Lower East Side Jewish Conservancy (LESJC)

The Lower East Side Jewish Conservancy (LESJC) is an educational non-profit, created in 1998, to preserve and support the Lower East Side’s community of living synagogues and other historic structures, and to raise public awareness of the neighborhoods distinct cultural identity. As the birthplace of American Jewish civilization, and the most iconic immigrant neighborhood in America, we share this history by taking people on walking tours which enter sacred sites, where you learn how past generations came here, lived and worshiped. Learn more about LESJC here.
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