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Mimouna Celebration!

Hosted By: The Wandering Chew

An artistic and culinary experience you can attend virtually for Mimouna, a traditional Jewish-Moroccan celebration ending Passover.

While most of us are reaching for a pizza or a plate of pasta as Passover ends, the Jewish-Moroccan community marks the return to eating leavened bread with the celebration of Mimouna! This traditional Jewish-Moroccan celebration begins after sunset on the last day of Passover, when family and friends open up their homes to each other as they celebrate throughout the night. At the center of the celebrations is the Mimouna table, laden with a variety of sweet foods to help usher in a sweet year to come.

Join The Wandering Chew & Fed Sunday, April 4th at 8pm EST to celebrate Mimouna! Our Mimouna will be an artistic and culinary experience you can attend virtually. After a brief exploration of the background, history, and contemporary practice of Mimouna, we will follow the Mimouna tradition of “house-hopping,” visiting neighbors to be hosted by them in their homes.

Using the magic of digital technology, we will “hop” between different breakout rooms that you can self-select. Each will have a theme: Kat Romanow of The Wandering Chew and Deborah and Brian Shelby of FED will host culinary workshop rooms teaching how to make mufleta (a sweet pancake prepared specially for Mimouna) and sweet couscous, respectively; Chanan Ben Simone, a music artist of Moroccan-Israeli heritage, will host a music room; and Mauricio Schuartz will host a storytelling room. Finally, we will open breakout rooms again for guided small-group conversations on what we learned and experienced, and how we can personally relate, while getting to know more people and organizations in our community.

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