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Jews and Power: From Biblical to Modern Times

Hosted By: Jewish Theological Seminary of America

An exploration of the implementation of Jewish power, in the past and in the present. How have Jews rebelled against, accommodated to, and made use of structures of power in varying historical contexts?

Money and Power in Today’s American Jewish Community

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Dr. Jack Wertheimer

Dr. Jack Wertheimer is the author of two recent studies about the transformation of Jewish philanthropy in the U.S. His lecture will address several questions: What are the sources of money and influence, and how do they differ today as compared to the last century? With the relationships between grant-makers and grantees increasingly central, why do the two talk past each other at times? And what can be done when the unequal balance of power between the two leads to harmful interactions?
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Jewish Theological Seminary of America

The Jewish Theological Seminary of America (JTS) is an educational institution of Conservative Judaism.
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