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Inside Ben-Gurion: His Homes, Hobbies and Heritage

Hosted By: The America Israel Friendship League (AIFL)

Who was David Ben-Gurion beyond the public figure? What was he reading and thinking at his desert home in the evenings? Beyond the political history of who was the private Ben-Gurion known to many as founding father and first Prime Minister of the State of Israel and the person who united Jewish militias to create the Israel Defense Forces?

In his personal life Ben-Gurion was an avid reader and yogi. Today there are many statues and pictures of his infamous headstand on the beach in Tel Aviv. During his tenure as Prime Minister he lived in the official residence in Tel Aviv but upon retiring returned to his simpler roots at Sde Boker. Both residences currently serve as public museums and chronicle the personal and political life of Ben Gurion.

During this webinar we will join two colleagues– both Educational Directors at Ben Gurion House in Tel Aviv, Bar Galin and at Sde Boker, Yoni Gallitziano– for a private and unique Ben Gurion virtual tour experience to:

-Explore the treasure trove of his personal library
-Hear personal stories and anecdotes attached to some historical items
-Learn about special moments and look inside his work desk and closet
-Gain a better understanding of the big picture—Ben-Gurion the man, the leader, and his legacy

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