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Havruta Roulette Talmud Study

Hosted By: My Jewish Learning, Sefaria

Havruta Roulette

Celebrate the one year anniversary of the current daily Talmud study cycle with a new one-on-one learning opportunity.

On January 5th at 12:00 pm ET, you can join a live, one-on-one video study session on the day’s page with a fellow Daily Dose of Talmud subscriber. This form of study is known as havruta learning (Aramaic for “friendship”) and has been a common way of understanding the Talmud since ancient times. Using a study guide specially prepared by My Jewish Learning and Professor Sarah Wolf, you’ll be matched with a partner and guided to puzzle through the day’s daf together from the comfort of your home.

Create an account on Sefaria to participate, then look for more information in your email on Jan. 5 to get started.


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