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Grogger-Making Purim Craft Workshop with Kveller

Hosted By: Kveller

Help your kids learn about the joy of Purim through a delightful, colorful family craft with Jewish early childhood educator and mom Lisa Dvorin from Make It Jewish!

We’ll be making Purim groggers using materials you have at home and discuss the holiday of Purim. Great for all ages, though younger kids will need assistance.

Materials needed:

*Two paper plates (any size works!)
*Buttons, beads, or paper clips (whatever you have at home to fill your grogger with)
*Markers, color pencils, paint, washi tape, or stickers, or whatever you have at home to decorate your grogger with

Optional: Hole punch and ribbon or curling ribbon
Optional: Craft stick (if you would like the grogger to have a handle)
Optional: Embellishments such as sequins, pom poms, gems



Whether you grew up observing Shabbat every Friday night, or had your first taste of matzah ball soup when you married into a Jewish family, there’s no one way to parent Jewish kids. Kveller is here to give you ideas you can run with–ideas for first-time parents, interfaith parents, queer parents, adoptive parents, and everything in between–with the hopes that you can find information and inspiration that is right for your family.
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