Shabbat Dishes

Best Roast Chicken

My husband and I have an ongoing competition over who makes the best roasted chicken. I am not sure he ...

Shabbat Recipe Roundup: Chinese “Takeout”

Christmas is here, and Chinese restaurants are preparing for the Jews to take over. This week I’ve put together some ...

Shabbat Recipe Roundup

Thanksgiving is behind us, Hanukkah is ahead, and luckily we are still in the thick of hearty Autumn/Winter fare.Here are ...

Shabbat Recipes of the Week

Another week, and it’s time for another round of recipe ideas for Shabbat.As my dear friend and fellow tweeter Aimee ...

Weekly Shabbat Ideas

Each week here at The Nosher we’ll be compiling some recipe ideas to  serve for your Shabbat Dinner. This week ...

Cholent Recipes

A cholent for every occasion.

Indian Cholent

Spices from the subcontinent combined with the classic flavors of cholent.

Polish Cholent

A traditional cholent recipe.


Moroccan cholent (Sabbath stew).