Articles by MJL

History of Jewish Schooling in America

Jewish education in America, from colonial times to today

American Zionism Finds Its Voice

Reconciling American identity with support for a Jewish homeland

Body and Soul

Indispensable partners for doing life's sacred work

American Jewish History Links

American Jewish History Links

New York’s 4 Most Famous Jewish Gangsters

These mobsters shared notoriously violent careers -- but only one was convicted.

The First New York Jews

Twenty-three refugees from Brazil established the first Jewish community in the future U.S.

Jewish Curricular Resources

Links to sites featuring curricular resources

Peace Will Be Established

An excerpt from the 1979 peace treaty between Israel and Egypt

U.N. Security Council Resolution 242

The United Nations responds to Israel's territorial gains in the Six Day War.

Prisoner Rights vs. National Security

"A democracy must often fight with one hand tied behind its back."