Fred Rosner

Maimonides on Seder Zeraim

The sequence of the tractates in the Order

In Vitro Fertilization: Legal and Ethical Considerations

Most authorities permit test-tube conception, but worry about what to do with the unneeded genetic material.

Euthanasia: Medieval Sources

The major codes of Jewish law forbid actions that hasten death, but some allow the removal of impediments to death.

Euthanasia: Jewish Biblical and Rabbinic Sources

The Torah prohibits murder, and the Talmud maintains the prohibition on active killing, even with the terminally ill.

Genetic Diseases in Traditional Jewish Sources

Rabbinic authorities have always been aware of heredity and genetic disease.

The Genome Project and Jewish Law

Does the genome project take imitatio dei too far--beyond imitating God, to playing God?

The Fetus in Jewish Law

Does a fetus have the same legal status as a person?

Gene Therapy and Genetic Engineering in Judaism

Using genetic technology for therapeutic purposes is acceptable, but many related issues have yet to be addressed.

Halakhic Questions about Organ Transplants

What are the Jewish legal issues with organ transplantation?