Commentaries on the Talmud

The Talmud is a difficult book, and many commentators have worked to explain and illuminate it.

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Tosafot Yeshanim

Alternative versions of the commentaries of the Tosafot.

Tosafot Rid

Commentary written by R. Yeshaya di‑Trani (Italy‑ 13th century). R. Yeshaya's commentary was published in the margin of tractates Ketubot and Gittin. His commentary to other tractates was published separately. His halakhic decisions are often quoted in the Or Zarua (R.Yitzhak ben Moshe of Vienna) and in the Shibbolei haLeket (by R. Tzidkiyahu haRofe of Italy), which would seem to indicate that he was in close contact with both the Ashkenazic and Sephardic scholars of his day.

Tosafot Rosh

[In most editions, found in the back of the book, rather than on the page:] Commentary of R. Asher ben Yehiel (1250-1327).

Shitah M'kubetzet

R. Betzalel Ashkenazi, 1520-1591 (A compendium of commentaries collected by him, which usually appears in a separate volume). 

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