Writing Jewish Law: The 17th and 18th Century

A survey of the great post-Shulhan Arukh legal authorities.

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Yom Tob Algazi

Another Sephardi leader from a prominent rabbinic family was Rabbi Yom Tob Algazi (1727-1802). Algazi, whose scholarship was warmly praised by the Hungarian Rabbi of the next generation, Moses Sofer, became a member of the rabbinic court in Jerusalem and was signing local enactments by the year 1762. In 1780 he assumed the Chief Rabbinate of Jerusalem. His work included responsa and a commentary on Maimonides' Mishneh Torah.

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Dr. Edward Fram

Dr. Edward Fram is the Norbert Blechner Lecturer in Eastern European Jewish Culture in the Department of History at Ben-Gurion University.