The Book of Daniel

The Book of Daniel contains narratives about a seer named Daniel, and prophecies also appearing in his name, but the man himself--if he is only one man--nevertheless remains elusive.

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The contrast between the wizard of the narratives and the passive medium of the visions makes it impossible to believe that the stories and the revelations were composed by the same writer. The author of the visions... (whose true identity we do not know) wrote at the time of Antiochus IV Epiphanes (176‑164 B.C.E.).  But he spoke in the name of Daniel, who was is already known to readers from the stories which glorified the wisdom of the ancient seer.

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Elias Bickerman (1897-1981), born in Russia, taught at the New School for Social Research, the
Jewish Theological Seminary, the University of Judaism (in Los Angeles), and Columbia
University, writing on many aspects of ancient history.? Other books by Bickerman include: The
God of the Maccabees, The Jews in the Greek Age
, and Studies in Jewish and Christian History.