Parashat Yitro

Love of God and Material Desire

There is a lot to learn from the commandment not to covet.

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The commands "Love God with all your heart'" and "Do not covet" offer an alternative to a high consumption, unsustainable future. We can begin to repair the world by improving ourselves. God offers no better way to do that than by filling our hearts with the love and light of the Divine.

Suggested Action Items:

1. Think about what fills your metaphorical cup, and whether you want to keep everything inside it.

2.  Identify one thing that you planned to buy but do not need, and replace it with something that will bring you closer to God.

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Jonathan Neril

Jonathan Neril is the project manager of the Jewish Environmental Parsha Initiative. He is a rabbinical student in his fourth year of Jewish learning in Israel. He received an MA and BA at Stanford with a focus on global environmental issues.