Parashat Vayehi

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9. These brothers were compared to animals: Judah to a lion (49:9); Issachar to a large-boned ass (49:14); Dan to a snake (49:17); Naphtali to a hind (49:21); Benjamin to a wolf (49:27).

10. Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Rebecca, and Leah are buried in the cave of Mahpelah (49:31). Rachel is buried near Bet Lehem.

11. Joseph's brothers lied and said that Jacob had commanded Joseph to forgive his brothers for their transgressions and the evil they had done him (50:15-16).

12. Joseph told them not to be afraid; that while they meant evil against him, God meant it for good, to save many lives (50:20).

13. Joseph was 110 years old when he died (50:26). His last request was that his bones be buried in Canaan (50:24-25).

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