Sharing The Blessing

Isaac's decision to bless both of his sons gives us hope for achieving a peaceful solution to the conflict between Jews and Palestinians.

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However, Isaac's blessings for Jacob and Esau leave us with a measure of hope, even now when many despair of ever achieving peace in the holy land. Isaac blesses both sons with inheritances of fruitful land. Facing different circumstances and possessing different traits, both twins nevertheless receive their father's blessing--and with it a measure of hope for future descendents of Abraham.

Living with Sustenance, Hoping for Peace

One Jewish tradition teaches that possession of sufficient food and drink is of itself a profound blessing. Still, "if there is no peace," argued our sages, "there is nothing at all, for "peace equals all else." Today, we must also reject facile zero sum games, and find ways to share the blessings.

While we may possess sufficient sustenance, we still live without peace. Today, against expectations and against the odds, we also must struggle to share the blessings of our ancestors and to share in the blessings of the land. Now more, than ever, let us remember Isaac's deeds, and remember that ultimately, "peace equals all else."

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Rabbi Dan Bronstein

Rabbi Daniel Bronstein was ordained at the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion and is presently a Ph.D. candidate in Jewish History at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America. He also presently serves as a Program Officer and Educator at the Jewish Life Network, and counts Rabbi Yisroel Salanter and Groucho Marx as among his two greatest influences.