Parashat Sh'mot

The Israelites are slaves to Pharaoh and God instructs Moses to liberate his people. Moses and Aaron approach Pharaoh, who refuses their request.

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Questions For Discussion

1. God heard the cry of the Hebrew slaves. Do you feel God hears your cries of distress? How can you tell if God is listening? How can you tell if God cares?

2. Do you think God could make a burning bush not consume from the fire? Why or why not?

3. God tells Moses what actions to take and how Pharaoh will respond. God foresees exactly what will happen. Do you believe that God foresees what will happen to people? What do you think God foresees for you?

4. Moses wants proof to show the elders of Israel that God spoke to him. What proof would you give that God speaks to you?

5. Do you believe that God makes people mute or deaf or seeing or blind? Why or why not?

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