Parashat Re'eh

Open Your Eyes and See

If you establish a Jewish spiritual discipline for yourself, you will not be led astray.

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"If there appears among you a prophet or a dream-diviner and he gives you a sign or a portent, saying, 'Let us follow and worship another god'--whom you have not experienced--even if the sign or portent that he named to you comes true, do not heed the words of that prophet or that dream-diviner. For the Lord your God is testing you to see whether you really love the Lord your God with all your heart and soul. Follow none but the Lord your God, and revere none other; observe the commandments alone, and heed only God's orders; worship none but God, and hold fast to God. As for that prophet or dream-diviner, he shall be put to death; for he urged disloyalty to the Lord your God--who freed you from the land of Egypt and who redeemed you from the house of bondage--to make you stray from the path that the Lord your God instructed you to follow. Thus you will sweep out evil from your midst" (Deuteronomy 13:2-6).

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Rabbi Kerry M. Olitzky

Rabbi Kerry M. Olitzky is executive director of the Jewish Outreach Institute and the author of numerous books about Jewish spirituality.