Parashat Pinhas

Sustenance from the Source

City living can cause social fragmentation and environmental degradation.

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By taking these minute, physical steps, we can reconnect to the land and the unity expressed in creation, returning to the Source of all sustenance, "by knowing and believing that all creation is not separate from God, but in reality an extension of his oneness (Rabbi Nachman of Breslov)."

Suggestion Action Items:

1) Communities today are attempting to reclaim what is missing by reconnecting to the land. Sustainable design is bringing courtyards, green roof gardens, and community garden spaces to cities. In addition, agricultural and nature preserves right outside city limits maintain life-giving nature zones around urban areas. By supporting sustainable design, organic agriculture, and community gardens we can strengthen the balance of population and land.
2) By helping to support eruv construction in your city, community bonds can be strengthened around a holy purpose.

3) Take a walk in a park inside or just outside of your city. Take some time to reflect on your dependence on creation, or to pray.

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