Parashat Nitzavim

One Small Step

Fulfilling the directive to repair the world begins in our own mouths and hearts.

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We choose to help fulfill one of these commandments through our daily work--that of helping to heal and repair the world by taking responsibility for those less fortunate than we are. In doing so, we help increase the level of kindness and goodness in this world both through our actions and through the example we set to the wider community.

So remember, each time you think a goal is insurmountable, unachievable, or unrealistic, it in fact may be well within your grasp. While you may search the heavens or across the seas don't overlook those places right before you--your mouth and your heart--as the repository of the answers you are seeking.

Healing and repairing the world starts with each of us, small step by small step. And even if you aren't Moses or the leader of some other great nation you can still create a wonderful legacy for your loved ones and your community through adherence to G-d’s commandments.

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George Hellman is a senior development executive in the Planned Giving and Endowments Department of the UJA-Federation of New York.