Mishpatim: A Summary of the Parashah

Moses informs the people of numerous ethical and ritual laws and seals the covenant between the Children of Israel and God.

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Then God said to Moses “Come up to Me on the mountain and I will give you the tables of stone with My commandments so that you can teach them.”

God told Moses to leave Aaron and Hur in charge of the Israelites. Then the glory of God rested upon Mount Sinai and the appearance of God was like a consuming fire on the top of the mountain before the eyes of the sons of Israel. Moses entered into the midst of the cloud and ascended the mountain, and Moses remained upon the mountain for forty days and forty nights.

Questions For Discussion

1) In the last portion, God gives us the Ten Commandments. How do the detailed rules in this portion compare to The Ten Commandments?

2) What are some of the concerns of these rules within this portion? Are they relevant today? Which is your favorite rule?

3) God commands Moses to come up Mount Sinai and write down The Ten Commandments on stone tablets so they can be taught. Why is it important to teach the Ten Commandments? Are the Ten Commandments strictly for Jews or for all people?

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