Parashat Korah

Anger Management

God punished Korah for his inability to channel his anger into productive protest.

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We see that real anger flowed through Korah and his followers. Anger is certainly part of who we are as human beings. Not everything goes our way, nor do we always agree with the decisions that our leaders make. However, the story of Korah should impress upon us that it is essential that we must be able to express our anger and protest in ways that will not, so to speak, cause the earth to swallow us up in response.

Pirkei Avot (Ethics of the Forebears) poses the question: Who is strong? The answer that is given is that the strong person is one who can control himself or herself, is slow to anger, and is able to master his or her own spirit.

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Howard Wasserman is the executive vice president of the Jewish Community House of Bensonhurst.